World Hepatitis Day

Yesterday afternoon I joined actress Sadie Frost to help raise awareness of World Hepititis Day.

World Hepatitis Day is organised by the World Hepatitis Alliance, a coalition of over 280 patient groups from around the world, to raise awareness of chronic viral hepatitis both nationally and internationally.  There are around 500 million people in the world living with hepatitis B or C. These are serious diseases which kill approximately one million people a year.  It is estimated there are around 250,000 people living with hepatitis C and 325,000 people with hepatitis B in the UK, most of whom are undiagnosed.

International political will for action on hepatitis could save millions of lives.  A World Health Organisation resolution on viral hepatitis, which has been agreed by the Executive Board of the World Health Assembly, will be discussed in the week beginning 17 May.  The reception today marked this important international development and launched an international music album for World Hepatitis Day, called This Day.

It is vital we together continue to spread awareness of hepatitis and I will continue to support the work of the Hepatitis C Trust which raises awareness of viral hepatitis and works to improve services for patients with hepatitis.

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