Wilmslow Road Chaos

Local residents have reacted angrily to the new cycleways along Wilmslow Road. Concerns have been raised about the lack of consultation over the plans and the traffic chaos that has been created.

Sections of Wilmslow Road have become too narrow, forcing larger vehicles to straddle both sides of the road and compromising road safety. 

Former Manchester Withington MP of ten years, John Leech said, "We always want to provide safe accessible cycleways in Manchester, but this scheme is badly designed and dangerous.

"Local residents were not properly consulted, and Labour Councillors have failed to ensure that there was proper scrutiny of the plans. We need to see an urgent review and some alterations to the scheme to make Wilmslow Road safer." 

Why are the cycle lanes so wide?

Scores of local residents have uestioned why the cycle lane has been designed to be so wide? 

The Council has confirmed that he reason for such a wide cycle ane was so that the mechanical street sweepers can clear the gullies. Responding to concerns, the Council said, "Once fully open our design has allowed for road sweepers to access he route, hence why in areas the cycle route has been quoted as being 'wide', but this is so maintenance can happen fairly easily by mechanical means."

2016 Council Candidate, John Leech said, "Local residents are horrified that the Council is compromising safety just to make it easier to sweep the gullies. This is what happens when there is no opposition on the Council to properly scrutinise these decisions." 

Wilmslow Road lane too narrow

Labour Council bosses have admitted buses and HGVs will be forced to drive over the centre of the road, after the cycle lanes were designed to be too wide. 

Following complaints from Didsbury Civic Society, council officials confirmed that "Larger vehicles may have to cross the centre line of the road, however drivers of these vehicles are trained to do this". 

Local campaigner John Leech commented, "Wilmslow Road is known as the busiest bus corridor in Europe, but our Labour Council thinks it is okay for all these buses to be driving straight towards oncoming vehicles, creating extra congestion and increasing the chances of an accident."

Simon Wheale, Withington Council Candidate, added, "Near the junction with Mauldeth Road up to four buses at a time are picking up passengers in the cycle lane. Cyclists have nowhere to go. It is just not safe."

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