Why Russia needs to stop supporting Assad

Today's reports of a massacre of 200 in Tremseh is just the latest in a long line of atrocities by the Syrian State.


Regular readers of the blog know my view of the conflict in Syria. Following meetings with local Syrian constituents, I submitted EDM 2729, which called for the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador several months before it happened.


A couple of weeks ago, I attended a "Together for Syria" event with neighbouring Cheadle Lib Dem MP Mark Hunter. In my discussions with the Syrian community, it is clear that they agree that the continued support given by Russia is helping Assad to survive. He is using Russia made weapons to kill his own citizens.

There are several reasons for Russian support for Assad. Here is a link to a good recent article on the relationship in the New York Times, and Wikipedia's take on the issue.



This weekend, I am meeting representatives of the Syrian community. We will be discussing what more the British Government and the International Community can do to bring more pressure to bear on Russia, and stop them from propping up a failed and disgraced Syrian regime.

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