Why new aviation framework is good for Manchester Airport

A good news story has crept under the radar earlier this week. The Department for Transport has published its draft aviation policy framework.

The aim is to create long-term and sustainable growth in the aviation industry through measures such as;

  • Improving rail links to the major airports in addition to the £1.4b already being invested to improve surface accesses to airports

  • Liberalisation of the aviation market to allow foreign airlines to new develop routes which will boost regional airports and ease pressure on Heathrow.

This is good news for Manchester Airport.

 Emphasis will also be placed on those living near airports and passengers.

  • Landing fees for noisier (and often less green) aircraft and those landing at unsociable hours will be increased and penalties will be increased for breaching noise limits.

  • Airport Performance Charters will be introduced which will provide passengers a level of service they should expect by operators.

There is also work going on to force down CO2 emission through international agreement. That is important, but my view, and the view of the Lib Dems in Manchester since 2009, is that Manchester Airport should take the lead, not wait for international agreement,and set its own targets for CO2 emission reductions.


The Department has currently opened a consultation period that runs until the 31st October. You can contribute to the process here;


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