Why I will be a rebel tonight.

In politics, you have got to do what you think is right. Tonight, I will not be supporting a 1% cap on benefit rises as it will harm 7 million working families .

I understand that finding budget cuts are hard. It is easy to do what Labour are doing and opposing every cut, knowing full well they would have implemented most of these cuts if they were in power.

But, in the past few days, the debate has stopped being about what is right and fair, it has become about a gut feeling.

I find it objectionable that the Tories are ramping up the  “Skivers Vs Strives” rhetoric to justify a benefit cut to 7 million working families.

If you are one of those 7 million, you have made your choice to work. You should be encouraged by the system, whether that be through benefits or tax breaks.  That is why I strongly support rises in the tax threshold.

I accept the system should be simple, transparent and easy to understand. And it certainly isn't now. But a cut to these working families will wipe out most of the gains these families will see through increases to their tax allowances.

And that is why I will be rebelling tonight.


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