What 10 minute rule bill would you like me to raise?

Sorry for doing two posts in a day, but because I only found out about this yesterday, and the deadline is short, I didn't want to delay.

The good news is I won in the ballot to get a ten minute rule bill considered by parliament and  I wanted to give local people a chance to make a suggestion.

The bad news is that time is short.

 The deadline for indicating the topic of the bill is the 6th of February, with a debate being held on the 21st Feb.

So I need your suggestions by next  Friday the 3rd of February. This will allow me to sit down, think about it, do a bit of research and write a plan by the deadline of the 6th.

Suggestions can be made by using the link here.

Just a couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, 10 minute rule bills cannot make spending committments. Secondly, the more controversial a proposal, the more devided opinion is on an issue, the  less likely that it will become law.

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