Unsure of who to vote for?

We understand that elections can be confusing, full of promises, figures and extensive manifestos! To help you make your mind up, we've put together a mini John Leech CV. You'll find a selection of what John has done and vote for / against in the last ten years. Of course, it's not possible to put everything he's done in his time as an MP but if you'd like to see a more lengthy list, click here for a map version!

Key Achievements:
-Started and led the successful campaign to pardon WWII war hero, Alan Turing
-Delivered Metrolink to south Manchester
-More than 112,000 individual pieces of casework completed
-Secured millions of pounds worth of investment to local hospital, The Christie
-Fought for new schools in the local area
-Delivered 20mph on numerous key roads within the constituency
-Bedroom tax
-Tuition fees increase
-Replacing Trident
-Privatisation of Royal Mail


Voted FOR:
-Minimum wage increase
-Stricter laws on bad landlords
-Equal marriage
-Increasing the tax threshold
-Lower tax on motor vehicles
-Inquiry into the Iraq War
-Increased benefits for those unable to work due to illness or disability
-Increased measures to reduce tax avoidance
-Indoors smoking ban
-Wholly elected House of Lords
-Reducing carbon dioxide emissions through energy market reform


Quotes from local residents and public figures:
'John was right beside me every step of the way, he surpassed all expectations and set the precedent for a local MP. We will be forever grateful' - M.E.N. Mum of the Year, Rebecca Blinkhorn
'We can make a huge difference to people's lives, right here in south Manchester, and John's being doing that for over 10 years now. That's why we must make sure he's re-elected this May.' - Don Foster
'We would like to join Team #Makeit15 for all the help John and his team have done to help support our children, who are young disabled adults, now living independently in their own family home. Thank you for your continued support and all the best for the elections.' - Mr & Mrs Fay
'I moved out of John's constituency 6 months ago but want to help the fight to keep him elected because south Manchester deserves an MP that actually cares, that actually works for the residents and actually stands up for them rather than towing the party line. John did that for the ten years he was my MP and despite now having left his constituency, I will be helping to make it 15 for him this year.' - Hannah Gee

'I wrote to John about a problem I was having with my employer who has underpaid me by up to £3,000. I didn't actually expect a response. The fact that I was then pulled into a meeting with my manager fewer than 48 hours after I had contacted John was unbelievable. No more than two weeks had passed before my employer had coughed up, with a letter of apology.' - Pablo O'Hana
'John has been there for us all the way through our painful process, I really do not know what we would have done it without him. There's no doubt that everyone in our household will be crossing the box for John.' - Gillespie household
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