U.S Democrat Gives Us The Thumbs-Up!

It’s always really encouraging to receive correspondence from people who support the Lib Dem message and want to let us know they’re behind us. Every now and again though, I receive an email or letter which is really inspiring, and makes me feel even prouder than I do normally to represent Manchester Withington for the Liberal Democrats.

We received one such email the other day, from a woman named Betty King, who’s the former National Treasurer for the National Women’s Caucus for the U.S Democrats. She’d seen coverage of the Lib Dem poll surge following Nick Clegg’s strong performance in the TV debates, and wrote to offer us her support.

Here is Betty’s email in full:

Today’s newspapers in the U.S are full of stories about the Lib Dems’ surge in recent polling. I hope your campaign is going well. Don’t bother answering this. I know how hectic the last weeks of any campaign are. I just wanted to let you know that I’m rooting for you!

Love Betty

Betty King

Former National Treasurer

National Woman’s Political Caucus

Democratic Party

Washington DC

Betty is the former Deputy Chief of Staff for the Mayor and Director of the Mayor’s Office of the Ombudsman for the Government of the District of Columbia, and a well-known activist, author and broadcaster. We feel honoured to receive her kind words of support!

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