Justice with Turing

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Do you support our campaign to pardon the 75,000+ men criminalised for homosexuality?

The release of the acclaimed motion picture, The Imitation Game, has seen a significant rise in awareness for the subject. The producers of The Imitation Game publicly thanked John at the premier of the film stating that '...without the relentless work of John Leech MP to bring this horrific mistreatment to the forefront of people's minds, this film probably wouldn't have been made.' It is during the moving last few moments of the film that we are reminded it is only very recently that Turing was granted his long awaited, and deserved pardon. Read more on John's work here.

The campaign to pardon Alan Turing was led by John Leech who officially submitted it to Parliament, strongly urging all to support it. The campaign was met with overwhelming success, when on 24th December 2013, Turing was granted a posthumous pardon by Queen Elizabeth II, which remains a very rare event.

Now the campaign moves to allowing the 75,000 other men who were criminalised in a similar way to receive a disregarded conviction. We need your help to show that people care about this issue, and help John Leech to raise it’s awareness

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