Turing Update: Lords impedes justice for Turing yet again.

Regular readers of my blog and followers of the Alan Turing campaign will have noticed the recent collaborations with Lord Sharkey in the Lords.

We have been working together to try to secure justice for Alan Turing and others like him. Lord Sharkey tabled an amendment which would allow relatives of Alan Turing to apply to have his conviction disregarded. The amendment was welcomed by the opposition front bench and given supportive “hear, hear” shouts from various peers in the chamber, the Minister presiding did however reject the amendment.


Lord Sharkey's speech is at 7.37 or 22.37

This decision was very disappointing for us both and has denied justice for thousands of people yet again. However, it is not the end of the campaign and our efforts to get justice for Alan Turing and everyone like him continue!

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