Tories feeding North/South divide as more than £20m slashed from Manchester in funding review

The Liberal Democrats have accused the Tories of "feeding the North/South divide like never before" after fresh plans to snatch millions of pounds from the North to feed the South were uncovered.
The Tory 'Fair Funding Review' will reallocate more than £300m of council funding to mainly Southern Tory-held councils from 2021.
Manchester City Council is set to lose £22,200,038.78 – a reduction of 14.32% from 2019.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Manchester John Leech said:

"This horribly irresponsible Conservative government is wasting no time in doubling down on cuts to Manchester and feeding the North/South divide like never before.

"Everything from transport to health, schools to libraries are hit harder in the North than anywhere else, and you cannot keep cutting and expect everything to keep working.

"As Brexit hits the North like a reinforced brick wall, things are going to get really, really tough up here and it is not okay that the Government has already turned their backs on us.

"The Tories ploughing ahead with their plans to take from the North to give to the South is a spineless betrayal of all the hardworking families and young people whose futures have not just been snatched away, but are now being trampled on.

"The Tories don't care and Labour have given up. Only the Liberal Democrats will fight for the North and rebalance our country; investing, reviving and championing our communities like never before."

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