Time for the Political Silly Season

Over the last few days both David Cameron and Gordon Brown have been talking about how close they are to the Lib Dems. It's a deliberate attempt at squeezing the Lib Dem vote, and it's totally bogus. It's a bit like Manchester Withington Labour Party telling people that the Lib Dems can't win here, when there is a Lib Dem MP!

So let's look at a bit closer at these Tory and Labour claims:

On tax the Tories  want cuts to Inheritance Tax that will only help the richest 1 of people. The Lib Dems want to increase the tax threshold to £10000, taking the poorest tax payers out of  paying tax altogether, while closing tax loopholes so that millionaires pay what they should be paying.

So what about Labour? The most illiberal Government in recent times - 90 day detention without trial, ID cards, the illegal war in Iraq and extraordinary rendition. Add to that student tuition fees, closing thousands of post offices, scrapping the 10p tax rate, proposing a replacement for Trident and more nuclear power stations, plus as many new runways as Airports want to build.

Thank fully we're very different from both Labour and the Tories.

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