The return of the snow!


Overnight we had a real downpour of snow and the bad weather has continued all day. Public transport has been very badly affected and there have been a number of serious accidents on the roads.

A number of constituents have raised concerns about the way the gritting of the roads had been managed during the previous bad weather and it is fair to say that some roads that should have been gritted showed no signs of being done at all. Stocks of grit are low, and there are real concerns about how we will cope over the next few days. I heard on the radio this morning that one area of Scotland was importing grit from South Africa!

The real question is why are we not better prepared for this weather? Is it really that difficult to build up stocks of grit so that we don't run out when there is worse than expected weather? I don't think that anyone expects all the roads to remain completely clear, but we must do better. It looks like nothing has been learnt from  the weather in London last winter that brought the capital to an almost total standstill.

Apparently only 8 people managed to make it into work where my girlfriend works. Most of the staff in my office managed to get in, even Mike, who lives in St Helens! It's been fairly quiet, but we're open!

The snow has also taken its toll on the semi-finals of the football - the Blackburn vs Aston Villa game is off tonight, and the derby has also been postponed for tomorrow, which I'm gutted about!

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