The Christie performing well on Prostate Cancer.


Yesterday, the press was reporting about a big fall in cancer deaths and this Monday at conference – the day of a thousand meetings – I had the pleasure of sitting down with Prostate Cancer UK  to hear about their newest campaign.

Every year, over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 250,000 men are currently living with the disease, so their treatment matters. Surveys suggest that the quality of treatment that men suffering from prostate cancer receive varies across the UK. In order to improve that treatment, Prostate Cancer UK would like to work towards a baseline standard for quality of care.

Any followers of the blog will know about my passion for cancer research and improving quality of care for the thousands that suffer and are affected by cancer each year. One of my proudest achievements is helping to make arbiraterone available to prostate cancer sufferers on the NHS:

You can read more about potential breakthroughs in our understanding of prostate cancer and my cuppa with Geri Halliwell in support of Breast Cancer Care here and here.

Prostate Cancer UK has taken action to address the need for quality care for prostate cancer sufferers by writing a checklist model that will act as a standard for care across the UK. I have signed this quality checklist, and have written to the Christie NHS Foundation Trust to get their support for the campaign and a promise of action.

The figures for the Christie are good. On 8 out of 10 measures they are well above average. Where they are below average, I have asked them to consider how they can improve their performance.

If all NHS Trusts are willing to adopt this model of care, the quality of treatment and care for prostate sufferers will be greatly improved. I am happy to lend my support to this campaign.

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