Syrian refugees should be allowed to come to the North West

Sometimes, the national interest is more important than the party interest. Doing the right thing is more important than doing the populist thing.

I have long campaigned on Syria. I called for the Syrian Ambassador to be expelled from the UK months before we did it. I argued that Russia should stop supporting Assad, and I argued that Syrian migrants in the UK should not be sent back to Syria.

I warmly supported the UK quadrupling the aid to Syria, up to £600million. 

Just last week, I called on the Government to allow Syrian refugees to come to the UK. And this week, following lobbying from Nick Clegg, announced that they would.

The commitment is to take in some of the most vulnerable such as torture victims, the elderly, the disabled and women and girls at risk of sexual violence.

Such a commitment I believe will also encourage other countries to do the same further helping to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.

It is my hope too that Greater Manchester, with its sizable Syrian community, will be at the forefront of assisting with the relocation efforts of the coming refugees.

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