Supporting the work of Human Appeal International

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting the hard-working and dedicated team at Human Appeal International in Fallowfield. Since its creation 20 years ago, it has worked in 27 countries and saved many thousands of lives.

I was impressed by the joined up approach they take, working on disaster relief, development and social work. The work they are currently doing in Pakistan is a good example of this. After the devastating floods of 2008 they worked with many other non Governmental Organisations and charities to provide immediate support. They have stayed long after all the cameras and reporters have left to continue with development work.

 They aim to make people self sufficient and free of having to rely on the charity of others. For example they provide the finance that allows people to set up honey bee and poultry farms. They set up supplies of clean water when required. How can you create a future for you and your family when getting your days water is the sole priority?

They are doing increasing amounts of work within the UK, working with the Muslims Women’s Network UK and women2women to tackle the negative stereotypes of Muslim Women and promote their role in society.

They will be hosting the first ever Muslim Women’s Contribution Awards here in Manchester on June 1st.

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