Support International Women's Day here in Manchester


Tomorrow is International Women's Day. Mancunians should be proud of the role their city played in the movement for women's equality and with so many events happening this weekend, from exhibitions to tour guided walks and seminars to film screening, I would encourage everyone to get out and participate and find out more about the history and contemporary relevance of the movement.

You can find a list of the events in and around Manchester here

The Council has chosen a theme of “Women as PeaceMakers”, and have helped organise lots of events.

A full list of those events are here

International Women's Day is a day to look back and see how far women's rights have come over the years due to the role played by both women and men in striving to achieve what they knew was right but also a day to re-evaluate the here and now and focus on the work that still needs to be done, not only in Britain but all over the world.

A moment of reflection allows us to picture the future we wish to live in and reflect on how we as individuals and as a society can actively strive to shape and inspire change in others to help achieve that future.

Events like Reclaim the Night not only highlights the continuing injustices being felt by women but also shows how by coming together as a society we can help tackle these issues and continue the movement in the footsteps of brave women and men before us.

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