Still not got your Christmas presents?

If you are anything like me and leave the dreaded christmas present shopping to the last minute (was up till 1.30am wrapping staff presents before the christmas party on Monday) then I've got just the present for you.

Nevermind the ever popular socks or body wash set buy someone something that they will really need...

A "Bad weather kit" for all the drivers out there.

The highways agency suggest you to include: ice scraper & de-icer, torch & spare batteries (or a wind-up torch), warm clothes and blankets, boots, first aid kit, jump leads, a shovel, road atlas and sunglasses.

Now that  would constitute a rather extravagent Christmas present but any one of those items could end up being extremely useful if you ever find yourself stuck. 

As it happens I've got plenty of de-icer (get it every year!) but I haven't yet got a wind up torch, maybe this year I'll be lucky!

Merry Christmas.

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