Statement on anti-Semitic comments from Manchester Labour

A statement from Manchester Lib Dem leader John Leech on the anti-Semitic comments from Manchester Labour councillors and MP.

Labour's shadow immigration minister and Gorton MP has also shared what he described as "an anti-Semitic conspiracy" on social media.

The post in question features a video of the US comedian Jon Stewart talking about the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Underneath the video the text prominently refers to an "Israel-British-Swiss-Rothschilds crime syndicate" and "mass murdering Rothschilds Israeli mafia criminal liars".

Facebook posts from Manchester Labour councillor Majid Dar, brother of Labour National Executive Committee (NEC) Member Yasmine Dar, have been circulated on Twitter going back to 2014.

They include a video called ‘Gaza Warsaw Ghetto’, comparing justifications made by the Nazis for slaughter of Jews during the Holocaust with those made by Israel’s army for its actions in Gaza.

Another message apparently posted by him claims that Zionism ‘keeps changing direction like a snake’, whilst replies by fellow Facebook users to one of his other comments included ‘Kill all the Jews PERIOD’ and ‘Israel needs to stop existing’.

Responding to the comments, Manchester Liberal Democrat leader John Leech said:

“Whist Majid Dar’s suspension from the Labour Group is welcome, there is a much wider concern about Labour’s laidback attitude towards tackling offensive, misogynistic, abusive or anti-Semitic councillors in Manchester.

“In the last year, Labour have refused to deal with Chris Paul, who described women as ‘c**ts’, ‘slobs’ and ‘bi*ches’ and Jade Doswell who said the sight of the Israeli flag made her ‘feel sick.

“In every case, the councillors in question should have resigned. There is no question that Dar’s comment are completely unacceptable and he should resign without further delay.

“Manchester deserves better and Liberal Democrats will always challenge those that fail to meet the high standard local people should be able to expect.”

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