St George's Day

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy St Georges’s Day, and I hope you can join me at Manchester’s parade on Sunday, which starts at 11.30am at Park View Community School, Miles Platting. It’s a great event that brings together various organisations such as the British Heart Foundation, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service and the Saddleworth Morris Men.

Last year's parade was very well attended and I'm hoping this year can surpass last year in terms of attendance.
In addition to the parade on Sunday there is also a three-day event taking planned in the city centre from today until Sunday.
All things English will be celebrated in Albert Square while a St George's market will take place in Piccadilly Gardens.
There is also going to be an old English pub set up in Albert Square with costumed characters and performers providing entertainment.
I'm looking forward to George Borowski, many of you may know him as Guitar George of Dire Straits fame, he's playing over the weekend during the festival and is certainly worth checking out.

Its important that we take time to celebrate our heritage, and I recently supported a parliamentary motion that called for it to be made a Bank Holiday to acknowledge it's importance in bringing all English people together, instead of focusing on our differences.
The Liberal Democrats in Manchester are also in full support of today becoming a Bank Holiday with the leader of the Manchester Liberal Democrats, Cllr Simon Ashley commenting, "St. George's Day is a brilliant opportunity for our country to come together and show the pride we have in our culture, society and history. Many Manchester businesses fly the English flag with pride and I think a new Bank Holiday for St. George's Day would be a great way to celebrate our wonderful country."

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