Side with the Bees, Minister, not big Business.




MP's have produced a report today that calls for three pesticides which harm Bees to be banned. I agree with them.

I have long campaigned on this issue. Just last month, along with 125 other MP's, I took part in a Friends of the Earth event to highlight our concerns.

In the last Parliament, I wrote to the minister responsible urging him to act, too

This  is an area where I believe the precautionary principle should be used. There is lots of evidence that the Bee population worldwide has fallen significantly. There is plenty of evidence that these pesticides are the cause, yet the Environment Secretary is actively trying to block cross Europe action.

He wants a major field study. How long will that take? I have no problems with the further study, but lets ban these pesticides in the meantime.

Of course, these pesticides are big business. But the Environment Secretary should look at the balance of the evidence so far.

Professor Goulson , from Sterling University, has studied the use of these pesticides on Bees. He said,

"It seems that pretty much any independent review of this subject comes to the same conclusion - we should stop using these chemicals until we have much more convincing evidence that they are safe. At present the balance of evidence suggests that they are very far from safe."

I agree with him, Friends of the Earth, and the MP's who wrote this report. What are you waiting for, minister?




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