"Sex workers deserve better – time to unionise"

The Liberal Democrats have warned that video footage could be leaked following an undercover operation fromanti-strip club campaign group, Not Buying It, in Manchester.

Strippers have said they are "angry and terrified" after it was revealed that the group filmed private strip dances in Manchester's Victorias and Obsessions venues in what United Voices of the World Union (UVW) has compared to "revenge porn".

Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson April Preston said:

"This is a completely inappropriate invasion of privacy. I can't believe it can possibly be legal for people to covertly record workers taking clothes off in venues.

“I am appalled that Manchester Council has welcomed this footage and hope this same level of scrutiny is applied to the club bosses. This is akin to entrapment and has been denounced by the workers at these clubs themselves.

"Sex workers deserve better. Instead of going after workers, Liberal Democrats would legalise sex work and focus on the safety and employment rights of women.

"We fully support unionisation to ensure the same scrutiny and accountability you would find in any other line of work and will work with anyone to help reinforce this."

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