Service of Thanksgiving for Sir Cyril Smith MBE, and former MP for Rochdale

Yesterday morning, before heading to London, I went to the funeral of Cyril Smith, the former Lib Dem MP for Rochdale, who died at the age of 82 whilst I was in Bangladesh. There were a number of moving tributes to Cyril and a couple of solos sung by Freda Farnworth, inlcuding "My Way" at the end of the service. Cyril was instantly recognisable and one of the best known Lib Dems.

I actually only met Cyril once. I had been asked to an interview to work for Liz Lynne, when she was the MP, and I had to be taken to see Cyril for his seal of approval. He will be sorely missed both by family and friends, and by people in the Party.

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