Road Safety Bill

As my regular blog readers will know, today is the day that I present my 10 minute rule bill on road safety. Once again, a big thank you to local people who gave me some great ideas.

The bill aims to improve road safety in 4 ways.

  • Reducing the permitted blood alcohol content (BAC) from 80 mg/dL to 50 mg/dL, a level that is the legal limit in countries such as Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Canada.

  • Introducing compulsory eye-tests for drivers when they renew their license. Some form of obligatory eye-test already exists in 14 EU countries.

  • The outlawing of any kind of turning back of a vehicle’s mileometer except in specified circumstances. False mileage costs consumers £580 million a year with just under 700,000 cars thought to be affected. These estimates, however, are thought to be very conservative by industry experts.

  • Increasing road safety for children so that they can commute to and from school safely. Road accidents are the single biggest cause of accidental death among 5–14 year olds while around half of children have said that they would like to cycle to school but only 2% actually do.

I include a link to an article I wrote for the Politics Home web site, and I will put my speech up on this site at 3.30pm when I get up in the Chamber.



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