Rejecting People's Vote will cost Labour in Manchester

Labour decision to reject a People's Vote today (14/03/19) will cost them in Manchester, the Liberal Democrats have said.

Responding to the news that Labour will whip its MPs to abstain on tonight's (14/03/19) Second Referendum motion (Amendment H), Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Manchester, Greg Stanton, said:

"No one was really ever persuaded by Corbyn’s lukewarm expressions of support for a People's Vote whilst allowing his MPs to vote in favour of countless pro-Brexit motions, and af
ter three years of deception, Labour have finally been forced to come clean.

"Labour's stance couldn't be clearer today; they do not, have not ever and will not ever support a People's Vote, and only the Liberal Democrats offer a real escape route from a divisive and damaging Brexit.

"This decision will cost Labour in Manchester and people will not forgive them for putting their party's interests ahead of this city's future."

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