Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) Parliamentary Group Meeting

This afternoon I attended the All Party PCS group to get an update on progress in trying to resolve the issue of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.
The Government wants to restrict the compensation payable to civil servants in the event of redundancy. They argue that the new conditions will still mean that Civil Servants have favourable compensation terms in the event of losing their jobs.

What it doesn't consider is that these conditions were previously agreed and it is simply unfair to change the goalposts years down the line. Public sector workers shouldn't have to pay the price for the mistakes of the banks and the Government, but they seem to be considered to be an easy target.
To make matters worse, 1000s of public sectors workers have taken voluntary (and in some cases compulsory) redundancy in recent times. Others have volunteered for voluntary redundancy and have been turned down - these same staff will lose some of their redundancy entitlement and then probably face compulsory redundancy under the new, worse conditions.

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