Prostate Cancer: A breakthrough?

This morning's press was full of encouraging news about a new treatment for Prostate Cancer, with some of the side effect connected to other treatment, like impotency and bladder control problems.

A detailed analysis is here on the lancet web site. The one caveat I would give is that this was only a sample of 50 patients.

This afternoon I am Chairing an event in the House of Commons on behalf of the Prostate Cancer Charity

I am sharing a platform with the Chief Executive of the Charity, Owen Sharpe, their medical expert Dr Simon Chowdhury and Hugh Gunn, who is a patient who has benefitted from treatment with Abiraterone

We are lobbying MP's to support my EDM to allow the use of Abiraterone, and to write to NICE and the Department of Health in support of the drug.

Here is my last blog about Abiraterone, in February

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