Pensions: Are you getting what you deserve?

Women born between 1938 and 1944 could be receive a boost in their pension if they respond to a 5th April deadline.

Under the scheme women born between 1938 and 1944 who are not receiving a full state pension have the opportunity to boost their pension on exceptionally favourable terms.

The women who are likely to benefit are those who:

  • receive a basic state pension of less than £92.25 per week AND

  • have at least one 'gap' year in their National Insurance record between 1996/97 and 2001/02 AND

  • reached pension age of 60 before their husband turned 65.

The scheme allows eligible women to ‘buy back’ certain missing years in their National Insurance record on exceptionally favourable terms.

If they ‘buy back’ one or more of those years they would benefit by paying the going rate of contributions that prevailed at the time rather than the current rate. If the backdated pension they then become entitled to, is bigger than the cost of buying back the missing years, they will receive a cheque for the difference.

This is incredible and could mean that as many as one in four pensioners would be entitled to extra money at no cost to themselves. I would encourage women who think they might be eligible to contact the National Insurance Deficiency Notice Helpline directly on 0845 915 5996.

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