Opposition Questions to Council - October 2018

You can find the questions asked at this month's council meeting by the Liberal Democrat opposition here.

The Leader of the Opposition, Councillor John Leech, will ask:
1. To the Executive Member for Finance:
What assessment has he made of the impact of a "no deal" Brexit on Manchester City Council's finances?  
2. To the Executive Member Responsible for the Maintenance of Council Run Sports Pitches:
How many complaints have been received in each of the last 5 years regarding the maintenance of Council owned sports pitches?
3. To the Executive Member with Responsibility for the Environment and Sustainability:
Does the Council support a complete ban on fracking?
4. To the Executive Member for Housing:
In January 2017 the former Deputy Leader announced what he described as an ambitious target to deliver up to 2,000 homes that are affordable each year. What progress has been made so far to reach that target, and what year does the Executive member expect that 2,000 yearly target to be reached?
5. To the Executive Member with Responsibility for Weed Spraying:
Since returning to the council in 2016 I have raised numerous concerns about the council's continued use of glyphosate to control weeds on roads and in parks. The Council's response has always been that glyphosate is safe.
In light of the recent case in America where Monsanto have been held responsible for someone's cancer and the jury has just awarded £200 million in damages, what discussions have taken place regarding the continued use of glyphosate on Manchester's streets and in parks, and when will further reports be coming to the Executive and Scrutiny to consider whether it is time to change the Council's policy?
6. To the Leader of the Council:
What representations has he made to the Board of Manchester Airport Group on behalf of Manchester residents regarding the shambolic introduction of charging people to drop off passengers at Manchester Airport?
7. To the Executive Member with Responsibility for the Town Hall Refurbishment:
It has been reported that despite the Council originally hoping to shortlist up to 5 firms for the tender to refurbish the Town Hall, that only 2 bidders have ended up on the shortlist. If this is correct, does the Executive Member think that it is acceptable for Manchester City Council to award the contract to refurbish the Town Hall to a company that has either a questionable health and safety record, both in the UK and abroad, or one that has as recently as 2016 been forced to apologise for being involved in the blacklisting of unionised workers?
8. To the Executive Member for Environment, Planning & Transport
Will the Executive Member with responsibility for Transport join me and campaign through the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee to allow dogs on leads to travel on Metrolink?
Councillor Richard Kilpatrick will ask:
1. To the Executive Member for Environment, Planning & Transport:
How many injuries have been reported from uneven or sunken pavements/pathways in Manchester in the last 24 months and how many of those have the council accepted responsibility for?
2. To the Executive Member for Finance:
Manchester's STEM and digital sectors are facing a recruitment crisis, 70% of North West employers say they have a skills shortage. What is this council doing to support the fastest growing industries in the city that are left with the bill of the skills shortage?
3. To the Deputy Leader of the Council:
Other than Neighbourhood Investment Funding, what is this council doing to support residents who organise home watch and neighbourhood schemes, often at their expense, that support our neighbourhood policing team?
4. To the Leader of the Council:
At 11:00am on the 08/09/2018 Manchester's Air quality monitor registered the highest air pollution reading in western Europe.Where is the action promised by the leader of the combined authority on tackling Greater Manchester's Air pollution crisis?

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