Northern Hub announcement will mean local jobs and narrow North-South divide

Labour talks the talk when it comes to Green Transport, but they just didn't deliver in Government. They delayed Metrolink locally and in 13 years they electrified just 9 miles of railway track across the whole country. Already, the Liberal Democrats have commitment to the electrification of over 800 miles of railway before today's announcement.

Another example of the Liberal Democrats delivering in Government is this morning's Transport funding announcement. It is great news for Manchester and the North West. It announces £4.2billion of new Transport spending, on top of £5.2billion announced previously. This investment of over £9 billion  in the rail industry underlines the Liberal Democrat's  determination to ensure a modern efficient railway system that meets the needs of people and business. 

The two big wins in terms of jobs, better services and narrowing the North-South divide for Manchester are High Speed 2 and the Northern Hub.

High Speed 2:

Liberal Democrats in government have ensured that £33bn will be invested in high speed rail from London to Birmingham, with extensions in future to Manchester and Leeds. This will see around 9m journeys switched from road to rail and up to 4.5m from air to rail.

Northern Hub:

Liberal Democrats have helped secure £130m worth of funding for Network Rail’s Northern Hub scheme, which will provide seven hundred extra trains a day for 3.5 million more people to travel by rail every year.

A further package of investment for the North, with over £400m of investment in improving access to the major cities, on top of existing commitments. This will include delivery of the Northern Hub, increasing capacity and improving connectivity between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.

Also announced today is 700 extra trains, £200m for  the Manchester-Leeds lines, and two new platforms at Piccadilly.

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