Minister for Older People

Today I went to support the Anchor Grey Pride Campaign in Parliament, aimed at having a designated Minister for Older People. I’ve already signed an Early Day Motion calling for the same thing.

What I found staggering was that today more people are over 65 than under 60, and in forty to fifty years half a million people will be over 100: yet there isn’t any – or any plans – to have a person specifically representing their needs in government.

The people I spoke to today were very interesting and raised valid arguments for a Minister for Older People. They need a port of call to raise concerns with – non of this being passed from one department to the next. There should be someone there coordinating departments – this would end up saving the Government huge amounts of money. Finally, someone should be there to ask the Chancellor for money, and to fight their corner when needs be. If we can have a Minister for Equalities, a Minister for Women, and a Minister for Pubs, then we can surely have a Minister for Older People.

This is not an issue that I think anyone should let rest, and I personally will be bringing this up with the relevant Ministers.

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