Metrolink Environmental Meeting

Last night I attended a meeting with local residents and councillors about the clearance of the Didsbury spur section of the Metrolink line. There is a lot of concern about the disruption to wildlife during the clearance of the line, and that the new habitats that are due to be established are not yet in place, as well as the number of trees that will disappear.
GMPTE have been told that they need to apply for planning permission to relocate a pond to the Albemarle Allotments. I have been encouraging them to get the application in as quickly as possible, but unfortunately they were saying last night that it is going to be at least another two weeks before the application is submitted, and then it might be a further eight weeks before planning permission is granted.
I think that some of the concerns of local people were dealt with last night, but questions remain over how many trees will be retained, and where replacement trees will be planted. There is also confusion over the need for a badger license and the most appropriate way to clear the area around badger sets. One thing is for sure - communication needs to improve to keep people informed and what is happening (and when). People should have been told that the Parrswood allotment site was going to be used for storing the trees and branches that were being removed, rather than leaving people to question why it appeared to have been converted into an illegal logging operation!

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