Resurface Mersey Crescent

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Do you agree with us, that Mersey Crescent is in an appalling state of disrepair? Are you sick and tired of dodging the numerous potholes on the road, that do not get filled in despite being reported numerous times, or when they do, they disintegrate almost immediately?

The Highways department admit that the majority of the road is graded 4/5, (functionally/structurally impaired), but once again, Mersey Crescent has failed to be included on the list for resurfacing, despite being a key road on the estate.

The Council has also recently admitted that it is running behind with its programme to fix the roads in Manchester, and that they will fail to spend £17 million this year that is supposed to be spent fixing the roads!

 If you agree with us that Mersey Crescent should be a priority to be resurfaced, please sign our petition below

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