Meg Hillier encourages me to apply for an ID card!

This morning I received a letter from Meg Hillier, the Minister for ID cards, encouraging me to apply for an ID card. Thanks, but no thanks!

I seem to remember being accused by Labour of being soft on terrorism because I was against ID cards (even though the Madrid bombers all had an ID card, and that didn't stop them carrying out those attrocities), but the recent letter makes no mention of combatting terrorism. Funny that!

Apparantly ID cards will now help protect the public from identity fraud and theft, and act as a proof of ID, (albeit an expensive one!) I don't believe a word of it, and I suspect that Meg Hillier doesn't either. When I asked a parliamentary question (above) on how many people had applied for an ID card in Greater Manchester the answer was 749 (out of a possible 1.7 million), so it looks as though most people in Greater Manchester think that they are a waste of time too. It will be interesting to see the answer to my next question on the cost of the ID card scheme so far, to work out how much each of these 749 ID cards will cost!

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