Mark Hughes Sacked!

This afternoon I went to watch City against Sunderland. Having gone into a quick 2-0 lead, we should have won the game easily. Of course anyone who knows City will know that we never do it the easy way. We eventually won 4-3, although it should probably have been about 5-1.

On the way back from the match we heard that Hughes had been sacked and that the club would be making a statement later on in the evening.
Mancini has been appointed by the club and there is plenty of speculation that he had already been offered the job some time ago. That's football I'm afraid, but given that Hughes has got us to the semi-final of the League Cup (for the first time since 1981), we're 6th in the league, and if we win the next 2 games we'll have the target points that were agreed for the end of 2009, it is very harsh.
Personally I would have liked to see Mark Hughes get more time, but the new owners of the club probably think that we should be doing better than we are. One thing is for sure, the weight of expectation is going to be very high for Mancini!

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