Manchester, where is your MP?

Manchester Gazette reports on where your newly elected MP, Jeff Smith, has been since he was elected last year. Read the full article below:

South Manchester MP, Jeff Smith, has been accused of denying residents access to their local Member of Parliament.

Manchester Liberal Democrats have raised concerns that nearly a year after being elected, Smith, has yet to open a constituency office.

Labour representatives have been accused of covering up the missing office after John Leech and the Liberal Democrat team pressured Smith for answers. Accusing them of a last minute scramble to find an obscure location which has no signage and is hidden from public streets.

The Liberal Democrats highlighted the lack of availability Mr Smith offered, which resulted in him opening a last minute office in the constituency just days ago. His website was updated on 28th March with details of his office, only after the Liberal Democrats sent out a letter questioning why he had not made himself available to the people who elected him.

Read the full story here:

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