Manchester Riots: One Year On

It is twelve months since the riots in Manchester and elsewhere across the country. My view has not changed on the riots themselves, they were unjustified and unprovoked. The acts of civil disobedience and criminality shocked everyone, including myself.

Nick Clegg visited the city a couple of days after the riots and talked about the need to punish criminals, but also the need to look more long-term into the causes of the riots to stop them happening again.

wrote about the role of the media in reporting the riots and the role they should have played in helping to bring the rioters to justice. In the end 8% of people who appeared in court over the riots were in connection to the riots in Manchester which resulted in 249 prosecutions, the majority of which were custodial. The BBC gives a full breakdown of riot figures here.

But in the aftermath of the riots I helped out at the riot clean-up in Deansgate with Liberal Democrat Councillor James Hennigan and Charles Glover and was pleased to see so many people coming into the city centre to help clean up, with some even travelling in from outside the city to join in. It showed a community coming together with a more positive image of Manchester than the one put forward by the rioters.

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