Manchester Council REFUSES to back People's Vote

Pro-EU protesters gathered outside Manchester town hall yesterday (03/10/18) as the Labour-run council refused to back a People's Vote on the Brexit deal, despite demands from local people.

Liberal Democrat Opposition Leader John Leech asked Council Leader Richard Leese to support a cross-party People's Vote motion but the Labour council refused.

As news surfaced online, pro-EU protestors started gathering outside the town hall to voice their opposition.

It has also been over two months since John Leech privately emailed Richard Leese to ask him to support a cross-party People's Vote motion but never received a reply.

Liberal Democrat Opposition Leader John Leech said:

"Labour themselves today acknowledged that a no-deal Brexit will be catastrophic for Manchester - why then are this city's leaders refusing to back a People's Vote?

"Labour must stop playing political games and act in the best interests of Manchester - that means backing a People's Vote.

"But why are the likes of Labour's Richard Leese, Jeremy Corbyn and Andy Burnham teaming up with the likes of Theresa May and Nigel Farage who are so afraid to let the public have a final say?

"Are they worried that when people see the devastating impact that the Brexit deal or no-deal will have, that perhaps they might decide that they would be better off staying in after all? Or do they simply not care that they are condemning the next generation to fewer opportunities?"

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