Manchester Council refuses to back a People's Vote for the fourth time because "no one" has asked for it

Labour's flagship council in Manchester refused to back a People's Vote for the fourth time today (27/03/19), saying that "no one" has asked for it.

Despite demands from local people in a city that voted 60% to remain and polls suggesting support for remaining in the EU has surged even higher, the Labour council has consistently refused to back a People's Vote.

Today, the Labour Council Leader claimed that they are not backing a People's Vote because "no one" has asked them for it.

The Liberal Democrats in Manchester have pressured Manchester Council into backing a People's Vote four times in the last three years, but have failed on every attempt.

In a predictably heated council meeting, Liberal Democrat leader John Leech told the chamber:

"Along with Lib Dem colleagues and thousands of other Mancunians, we were part of the more than million-strong march for a People's Vote on Saturday, and around six million people who have signed the Revoke petition.

"More than ever, we need to break the chaos in Parliament caused by an inept Prime Minister and her Brexit-enabling partner in crime, Jeremy Corbyn.

"For once, will the Leader of the Council put the interests of Manchester and the country before the interests of the Labour Party and commit Manchester City Council to support a People's Vote?"

Council Leader Richard Leese responded saying he hadn't received a single demand for a People's Vote from local people, adding that he "cannot influence or control votes on Brexit."

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