Manchester Council 'clutching at straws' in desperate attempt to justify 60% pay increases.

  • Shocking new salaries for senior staff in Manchester Town Hall see rises of up to 60 per cent.
  • In a final desperate attempt to cover up the increased wages, Manchester Councillors turned to personally attacking John Leech who questioned the decisions.
  • The city's sole opposition has slammed the rush-through decision as "outrageous, reckless and irresponsible"
  • Other staff are seeing an increase of just 1 per cent.
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Manchester Council met this morning to rush through some shocking pay rises for senior council staff. Some are seeing their salary increase by up to 60 per cent.

Actual increases total more than £100,000 per year - enough to hire four full time members of staff on the yearly average wage.

The largest increase of 60.2 per cent for Head of Children and Families comes despite the recent shame of being landed with an 'inadequate' Ofsted rating, and a damning report that saw Manchester areas among the worst performing local authorities in England.

The council's Head of Strategic Communications will also see a pleasant 18 per cent increase. 

The Head of City Centre Growth and Regeneration will see a 20 per cent increase, up to a yearly salary of £75,000. Whilst the Deputy Chief Executive (Growth & Neighbourhoods) and City Solicitor will both be happy to see their pay packet increase to an impressive £125,000.

John Leech, the city's sole opposition member elected earlier this year, requested to speak at the Personnel Committee this morning.

Cllr. John Leech said: "The job review, which is happening after the salaries have already increased, should happen now, before the increase.

"The council shouldn't be pre-judging the outcome of the Independent Analytical Job Evaluation - which will review job specifications - which is exactly what they're doing."

Other employees working for the council will see an increase of just 1 per cent.

John Leech added: "These increases are frankly disgusting.

"The council is now clutching at straws because they’ve been caught dishing out indefensible pay rises. They are now trying to justify these enormous pay rises at a time when other members of staff are getting just 1 per cent, and residents are being told that services have to be cut. 

"They will try to pin point individual posts and attempt to justify them, but there are posts that are simply baseless and receiving large pay rises with absolutely no justification.

"Other staff and local residents will be understandably shocked and frustrated that senior figures at the council are seeing their pay increase by up to 60 per cent at a time when the council claims to have no money."

John Leech has accused the council of being reckless and irresponsible with the pay increase.

He said: "We are frequently told that the council can't repair roads, empty bins more often or improve public services due to a lack of money.

"If you report a 'Traffic Danger Spot' on the council's website, you get an automated response that reads: 'We do not have the money to tackle this problem at the moment. But we are collecting all reports like this and will look at it again when funds become available'

"Yet here they are handing out pay increases totalling tens of thousands per year. It is simply indefensible.

"These senior staff are already being paid up to £100,000, and these outrageous increases are both out of line with the rest of the council, but also the rest of the country.

"There is no doubt that the council has held these increases back until now to try and sneak out a bulk load of dirty washing.

"This is not the kind of transparency that Manchester Council should be aiming to provide."

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