Local Scientists making a difference

It was days like Monday that made me extremely proud of being an MP in Manchester. I went to two seminars in the Commons held by local scientists Dr Simon Dovedi and Harry Milton.

Dr Simon Dovedi works at the University of Manchester at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research .


He has been researching and working hard on developing tumour immunobiology, a treatment which hopes, in the next decade, to find cures to various types of Cancer and Tumours. Dr Dovedi’s research focuses on the same principles used within jabs for well-known diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever and TB which focus on boosting the immune system by injecting a small part of the virus for the body to acclimatised to. It’s a pioneering approach and really helps cement Manchester University's reputation as one of the best cancer medical research centres  in the world.


Harry Milton, as part of his PHD, is creating a type of contact lens which, through slight electrical pulses, auto-corrects itself, allowing  people to use the same lenses for short and far-sighted vision. The implications of Harry's work for contact lens users will be huge.

It’s a great testament to Manchester that we have scientists like these who are conducting important research, and making a difference to people's lives. I am proud to have them as constituents.

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