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With the festival season just around the corner and legendary local bands such as The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays recently announcing their reformation and Spring/Summer tours,  I thought that I’d take the time to highlight and congratulate the good work of Lib Dem Peer Tim Clement-Jones and Lib Dem MP for Bath Don Foster.

The Live Music Bill became law last month with the legislation likely to come into effect in the autumn. The Bill started life as a Private Members’ Bill which means that it was introduced by the Liberal Democrat backbench not part of the typical Government business.

Private Members’ Bills are notoriously difficult to pass into law with only 5 having gone through in the last decade, with that in mind Tim Clement-Jones, Don Foster and their Lib Dem teams deserve a lot of credit for making this important Bill possible.

What does the Bill do? The Live Music Act means that venues that have a capacity of less than 200 people will no longer need local authority permission to host performances of live amplified music between the hours of 8am-11pm. This is a change from having to apply for the license which was costly and would take time.

So what does it mean for Manchester? Local pubs all over the city can now organise their own live music entertainment without having to worry about licences meaning a possible increase in trade and support for what is becoming an endangered institution in this country.

As a ripple effect of the extra custom spent on drinks at the bar our local pubs will enjoy much needed financial support helping to secure jobs in the city.

The new music scene in Manchester is set to thrive due to the new Act that makes it much easier to host and organise live music such as new band nights and battle of the band nights that will hopefully inspire a host of young people to pick up an instrument in an effort to start a band wanting to become the new The Stone Roses or the next The Happy Mondays.

Thanks to the Liberal Democrats this new Act will have an amazing positive effect throughout the country but especially in a place with such a rich musical heritage as Manchester.

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