Liberal Democrats launch new film shot in Manchester

A powerful new campaign film from the Liberal Democrats has captured the hearts and minds of Manchester.

The new film, launched by the city’s only opposition councillor, John Leech, is called 'Manchester Together' and forms part of the party’s campaign to reclaim ground in the town hall which is currently dominated by Labour.

In 2016, John Leech stormed his way back on to Manchester Council in a shock victory that signified the first gain for any party other than Labour for the first time in six years in Manchester and provided an opposition for the first time in two years. He stands as the sole opposition to 95 Labour councillors.

Talking about the campaign, John Leech said:

"Our campaign is about everyone and everything that makes Manchester the great city it is today; a strong local community, a celebration of diversity and non-conformity.

"Liberal Democrats care passionately about our local communities because it's where we live and it's what we believe in. We will always put local people first and it's about time our council did too.

"On the 3rd May, we have a chance to elect a council that leads from the front; that cities around the world look up to; where we celebrate diversity, house the homeless, welcome the desperate and build a future for our children. But only a vote for the Liberal Democrats can break this one-party state and build that vision."

Manchester faces all-up elections this year meaning all 96 seats are up for grabs. Labour currently holds 95/96 seats with John Leech as the only Liberal Democrat.

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