Safe Standing: Lib Dems will give Boris the red card and football fans something to cheer about

Introducing safe-standing in top-flight football will offer more choice, a better atmosphere, and cheaper tickets for fans, Lib Dem Safe Standing campaigner says.

John Leech, who has led campaigns for Safe Standing for nearly a decade has revealed new Liberal Democrat proposals which will bring the reality a step closer.

During his time as MP Leech submitted several bills to Parliament urging the Government to back the move and launched major cross-club campaigns. 

Under new Lib Dem plans, all Premier League and Championship sides could install rail seating in parts of their ground and permit spectators to stand for the entirety of the match in those areas.
Safe standing operates successfully across Europe. Unlike traditional football terraces, each row is separated by a rail to prevent crowd surges and spectators are given a specific place to stand.

Top-flight UK clubs such as Wolverhampton are already introducing rail seating to make it safer in areas of the ground where fans persistently stand up.

Both of the major Manchester clubs have sounded out the possibility of Safe Standing and fans have been asked to give their opinions on the idea.

Under the Lib Dems, the Sports Grounds Safety Authority would develop new licensing conditions for grounds and create new guidance on how standing could be introduced safely.

Safe Standing campaigner and Manchester City ticket holder of 35 years John Leech said: 

“I have long been a vocal supporter of railed Safe Standing at football grounds.

"The current system doesn’t work; fans who attend matches continue to stand, but do so unsafely. These new proposals will make match days safer for spectators.
“Safe Standing is a perfect hat-trick for fans; more choice, a better atmosphere, and cheaper tickets. I’m so pleased that real progress is being made, but it's an idea whose time is long overdue.
“The final whistle is approaching in this campaign – only the Liberal Democrats will give Boris Johnson the red card and football fans something to cheer about."

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