Lib Dems pass motion decriminalising abortion and enforcement of buffer zones around abortion service providers

At the party's conference in Brighton today, Liberal Democrats passed a motion to decriminalise abortion across the UK, including Northern Ireland, and enforce buffer zones.

The proposals debated and passed by delegates include the enforcement of buffer zones around abortion service providers, ensuring people have the right to privacy and access to services without harassment. 
The proposals also included the enforcement the enforcement of buffer zones around abortion service providers, a policy rejected by the Conservative Government last week.

Earlier this year, Manchester City Council became the first local authority outside of London to pass a motion supporting a buffer zone.

Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson April Preston said:
“Just days ago Sajid Javid refused to bring his Government into the 21st Century by rejecting buffer zones around abortion clinics.

"I am proud that locally in Manchester we have passed a cross-party motion to tackle exactly this but now we must stand side by side with our Northern Irish friends to ensure that no one is put through these barbaric protests.

“Whilst still appreciating that this is a sensitive subject, the Liberal Democrats will not shy away - we trust women 100% to make these decisions and
 half a century on from the Abortion Act, we must fight harder than ever to implement these basic human rights across the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland."

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