Lib Dems order investigation into whether care home residents are being hospitalised when needed

The Liberal Democrats have raised serious concerns about whether elderly people in care homes are being taken to hospital when they need to amidst the Coronavirus crisis, and ordered an investigation.

In the week ending 24th April, it was estimated around 10% of all COVID deaths were outside hospital in Manchester. This has now risen to 23% and is likely to increase further.

Currently, only one in three care homes in Manchester have a case of Coronavirus, yet nearly a quarter of all deaths are outside hospitals – most likely in a care home.

The Liberal Democrats have raised concerns about whether elderly people in care homes who need to go to hospital are doing so, given the figures seem at such odds with each other.

The party also warned that an outbreak in the remaining two out of three care homes in the city could lead to as many as 50% of all deaths coming from care homes, based on current statistics.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the North John Leech said:

"Something doesn't make sense. How can we be sure patients in care homes who need to go to hospital are actually going if only one in three care homes is infected, but the percentage of people dying in care homes is so high, and increasing?

"We know that elderly people are among the most vulnerable to COVID19 and we must be sure that everyone who needs to be taken to hospital is going.

"Every life is equal. These figures and the action taken in our city's care homes must be urgently reviewed to ensure the most vulnerable are properly protected and get the care they need, when they need it."

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