Manchester let down on an unprecedented scale

Manchester has been let down on an unprecedented scale after tonight's votes in Parliament, the Liberal Democrats have said.

Despite the city voting overwhelmingly to Remain and polls showing local people also back a People's Vote, not a single Labour MP backed the Second Referendum amendment today.

Manchester Withington's MP Jeff Smith whipped Labour MPs to abstain on the People's Vote amendment, despite the constituency voting 80% remain in 2016 and recent polls showing support is up to nearly 90%.

Responding to the votes in Parliament this evening, Manchester Liberal Democrat Leader, John Leech, responded:

"Locally and nationally, Labour is letting Manchester down on an unprecedented scale.

"Jeff and his Brexit-enabling colleagues are more interested in getting a decent pay packet and a job in Corbyn's cabinet than actually representing local people.

"On what planet are these MPs living on that you can represent one of the highest voting Remain constituencies in the country, and vote at every opportunity to enable Brexit?

"Labour's stance couldn't be clearer; they do not, have not ever and will not ever support a People's Vote, and only the Liberal Democrats are completely committed to giving local people the final say."

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