Lib Dems: Labour must guarantee People's Vote today or face backlash in Manchester

Labour must guarantee a People's Vote today (12/03/19) or face a backlash from the electorate in Manchester, the Liberal Democrats have said.

Keir Starmer's announcement that Labour will not force a vote in favour of a People's Vote today will not be well received in Manchester.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Manchester, Greg Stanton, said:

"No more messing around, no more flirting with both sides and no more smokescreens; Labour must guarantee a People's Vote today or prepare for an electoral backlash in Manchester.

"No one is persuaded by Corbyn’s lukewarm expressions of support whilst allowing Brexit-backing Labour MPs to deliver May’s devastating deal. 

"The Liberal Democrats have led the campaign for a People's Vote for nearly three years. It is the only real escape route from a divisive and damaging Brexit.

"Labour must stop making excuses, issue a three-line whip and unequivocally join the Lib Dems in the fight for a People's Vote.”

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