Lib Dems demand suspension of council orders for People's Vote debate

Lib Dem plans to force Manchester council to debate support for a People's Vote failed today (15/05/19) after it was rejected by every single Labour councillor.

This is the fifth time Lib Dems in Manchester have tried to commit Manchester Council to a People's Vote.

Lib Dem leader John Leech asked for a suspension of the meeting's normal running order to debate an urgent motion of support for a People's Vote.

Unsurprisingly, Labour council leader Richard Leese interrupted John Leech in order to silence the motion which was then immediately denied a vote in the chamber defeated by 93 votes to three.

Despite demands from local people in a city that voted 60% to Remain and polls suggesting support for remaining in the EU has surged even higher, the Labour council has consistently refused to back a People's Vote.

The Liberal Democrats in Manchester have pressured Manchester Council into backing a People's Vote five times in the last three years, but have failed on every attempt.

In a previous council meeting, Council Leader Richard Leese said he hadn't received a single demand for a People's Vote from local people, adding that he "cannot influence or control votes on Brexit."

Lib Dem Deputy Leader Richard Kilpatrick said:

"Given the urgency of Brexit and the European elections in just a weeks' time, today Lib Dems tried to commit Manchester council to support a People's Vote.

"Labour rejected our calls – for the fifth time.

"It seems that Labour still hasn't got the message despite plummeting in the polls and losing nearly 100 seats in the local elections. The unapologetically pro-EU Lib Dems gained more than 700 councillors in a clear vindication of our position on Brexit.

"Leading pollster Comres have placed Lib Dems as the front-runner Remain party in Manchester and the North West region because we have been clear and consistent in our pledge to stop Brexit.

"Manchester is a Remain city and the longer this Council puts off support the more voters will flock to the only pro-EU party in the city."

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