Lib Dems call for 'When The Fun Stops, Stop.' slogan to be scrapped amid concerns it is 'exacerbating gambling crisis'

The Liberal Democrats are calling for the gambling industry's slogan 'When The Fun Stops, Stop' to be scrapped ahead of renewed scrutiny into tackling the crisis today.

The 'When The Fun Stops, Stop.' campaign was introduced by the industry-funded responsible betting body Senet Group in 2015.

But today, the Lib Dems are calling for an "industry overhaul" and warned the 'Fun' slogan could be exacerbating the national gambling crisis.

Also today, the House of Lords will look into the social and economic impact of the gambling industry after a decade-long campaign from the Lib Dems.

John Leech, who was the Liberal Democrat lead on Culture, Media and Sports during the Coalition Government, led the successful campaign to reduce the maximum stake placeable in a fixed-odds betting terminal down from £100 to £2.

He is now calling for greater support to be made available for those continuing to suffer from gambling addictions and the scrapping of the 'fun' slogan and in-game/in-play betting.

John Leech welcomed renewed scrutiny into the gambling addiction crisis but called for an "industry overhaul":

"Gambling addictions wreck relationships, families and people's physical and mental health – it's never just the gambler who suffers.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that children's wellbeing is also being threatened by the gambling addictions of adults around them. These same children tune in to sporting events which are then bombarded by sinister gambling adverts – if not overtly, through sponsorship deals.

"Lib Dems will continue our work to overhaul the gambling industry by tackling adverts, online betting which encourages 'penny to pound gambling' and marketing.

"There is now enough proof that the crass 'When The Fun Stops, Stop' slogan is not working, and it could be exacerbating the national gambling crisis. It's time to scrap the slogan because let's be honest, by the time 'the fun stops', you are already dangerously addicted.

"I very much welcome renewed scrutiny in the House of Lords today but both Houses have a responsibility to disregard any vested interests and work towards a bold solution. This crisis will not be resolved by tapping around the edges – urgent action is needed by the government to end the suffering."

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